Industrial Packaging Protective Products

Industrial Packaging Protective Products

Industrial Packaging Protective Products

Industrial Packaging Protective Products


Provides industrial packaging solutions since 2013.

We do not see problems or errors as sources of conflict. We are solution oriented. We work and produce with team spirit for you.
We are a big family.
We design a special product for you. Our positive work combined with positive thinking results in success. Positive behaviors produce positive results.
We design a special product for you. We do not see problems or errors as sources of conflict. Because we are solution oriented. We work and produce for you with team spirit to reach the right result. Our positive work combined with positive thinking results in success. Positive behaviors produce positive results.

SEAWORTHY PACK Industrial Packaging Protective Products

Products and Solutions
We know your needs very well. We have a product range that will take all necessary safety measures until your products are delivered.

Professional Staff

We closely follow all kinds of developments and technology related to our business. We develop packaging products suitable for today to protect your products.

Reliable In The Industry

To stay in the industry, we always have to gain trust. We trust our products and experience. Because “Customer satisfaction is our basic principle”.

International Certifieds

All of our products comply with international standards and are certified. ISO 9001:2015 – ISO 45001 – ISO 14001- ISO 10002. Compatible with MIL and NATO stock codes.

VISION : Industrial Packaging Protective Products

To offer affordable, quality products to our customers in the fastest way, thanks to our experience and our expert staff.

MISSION : Industrial Packaging Protective Products

We are aware of the fact that we are in the global commercial arena, where borders disappear and competition comes to the fore. As Universal Industrial Packaging, it has adopted the principle of providing better quality and better service for “Customer Satisfaction”.

QUALITY POLICY : Industrial Packaging Protective Products

To present customer demands on time and as desired To serve our customers in the fastest and most economical way To keep customer satisfaction at the highest level.

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Life is made of little things, if you love them, they become big. We knead our work with Love and Love and present it to you, our solution partners.

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Please use the contact form below to get information about our products and services. We try to answer all questions and comments as soon as possible. 

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Industrial Protective Products

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Industrial Packaging Protective Products

Industrial Packaging Protective Products

Bubble Wrap

It is produced to protect sensitive equipment against impacts and corrosion. Using VCI technology, it protects various metals from corrosion, including carbon steel, aluminum, copper, brass, silver and stainless steels.


This natural soil mineral, with its unique crystal structure, completely absorbs and retains the moisture in the environment.It protects the usage quality and properties of the product by reducing the dew point in the package during transportation.

Dunnage Airbag

In your Truck, Ship, Train and Container Transportations, our airbags provide safe transportation by using them between the remaining spaces to prevent the products from being damaged during loading. All of our products are 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Industrial Oil

VCI is made of mineral oil mixed with anti-rust agents, film-forming agents and surfactants. Multifunctional anti-rust oil is one of our special products, which can be completely mixed with lubricating oil. This selection of anti corrosion liquid is designed for use in electrostatic spray painting.

Industrial Tapes

Adhesive or non-adhesive tapes are available for special-purpose use. When choosing industrial belts, it is important to know about the required dimensions and physical properties as well as the type of belt you are looking for.

Industrial Wax

It is a type of organic matter that is solid at room temperature and fluid at high temperatures. These properties make it an essential material in the manufacturing processes of candles, adhesives, additives, packaging, rubber, cosmetics and home care products.

Pallet & Crate

The pallet is the most important part of the outer packaging, and it is the materials prepared from wood, plastic, metal or a combination of these so that the packaged products can be easily transported by forklift or pallet truck. Pallets, which are usually made of wood, are combined with special nails to make them more durable.

Pallet Cover

It is very important that it contains environmentally friendly features while being produced. Additives added during the production phase must be appropriate and in direct proportion to the original raw material.

Plastic Belt

Made of lightweight plastic material. It is used for fixing loads on pallets or for packing items for transportation. It is the most common type of plastic strap and the most economical. There are various variations of colors, widths, thicknesses and polymers. It can be printed for brand identification and marketing purposes.

Shrink Wrap

It is produced from plastic known as polyolefin, the most common forms of which are Polyethylene and PVC. It is durable and usually transparent. Provides protection against heat, cold, humidity, dust and other contaminants. It can be used to coat anything from small materials to helicopters.

Vacuum Separator

PE or PP corrugated plastic vacuum separators can be used in all kinds of packaging due to their impact and moisture resistant, long-term usable and recyclable properties.Due to the fact that it is washable, it is hygienic and durable compared to cardboard or wood.

VCI Spray

They are made to protect hard-to-reach surfaces. It forms a layer of high-performance corrosion protective film.The protective film has a self-regenerating and moisture-removing effect. Therefore, it provides effective protection against harsh environmental conditions.