VCI Film Bag Packaging

VCI Film Bag Packaging

VCI Film Bag Packaging

VCI Film Bag Packaging vci shrink film vci bags


Provides industrial packaging solutions since 2013.

We do not see problems or errors as sources of conflict. We are solution oriented. We work and produce with team spirit for you.
We are a big family.
We design a special product for you. Our positive work combined with positive thinking results in success. Positive behaviors produce positive results.
We design a special product for you. We do not see problems or errors as sources of conflict. Because we are solution oriented. We work and produce for you with team spirit to reach the right result. Our positive work combined with positive thinking results in success. Positive behaviors produce positive results.


Products and Solutions
We know your needs very well. We have a product range that will take all necessary safety measures until your products are delivered.

Professional Staff

We closely follow all kinds of developments and technology related to our business. We develop packaging products suitable for today to protect your products.

Reliable In The Industry

To stay in the industry, we always have to gain trust. We trust our products and experience. Because “Customer satisfaction is our basic principle”.

International Certifieds

All of our products comply with international standards and are certified. ISO 9001:2015 – ISO 45001 – ISO 14001- ISO 10002. Compatible with MIL and NATO stock codes.

VISION : VCI Film Bag Packaging

To offer affordable, quality products to our customers in the fastest way, thanks to our experience and our expert staff.

MISSION : VCI Film Bag Packaging

We are aware of the fact that we are in the global commercial arena, where borders disappear and competition comes to the fore. As Universal Industrial Packaging, it has adopted the principle of providing better quality and better service for “Customer Satisfaction”.

QUALITY POLICY : VCI Film Bag Packaging

To present customer demands on time and as desired To serve our customers in the fastest and most economical way To keep customer satisfaction at the highest level.

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Life is made of little things, if you love them, they become big. We knead our work with Love and Love and present it to you, our solution partners.

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Please use the contact form below to get information about our products and services. We try to answer all questions and comments as soon as possible. Our company, which started its operations in 2013 with the principle of “Customer Satisfaction is the Foundation of Our Existence”, has years of knowledge, knowledge and experience in industrial packaging. “We offer the most suitable and best solutions for the needs of our valued customers, by following new developments and improving our products with its professional staff who have not lost their amateur spirit.”

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 VCI Film Bag Packaging

VCI Film Bag Packaging

VCI bag and film products in packaging;
It effectively protects metals and alloys. This protection is equivalent to, or often better than, the protection of the more common direct contact shielding components. VCI provides very good protection for products, machine oil or machine parts that cannot be protected with oil, or for hard-to-reach areas. Small holes, blind holes, bowls, cavities or wires are also protected by VCI vapors. VCI gives you the chance to choose the degree of protection you want when it comes to protecting products, military equipment or equipment. This ranges from temporary protection of material used during processing applications, to protection required for shipping or immediate use, to full protection to be applied in long-term storage or overseas shipping.
VCI products also save you money thanks to the simplicity and ease of application.
It saves you the time and effort spent on complex protection and cleaning processes associated with conventional machine oil or oil-type preservatives. Bag and film products in VCI packaging also reduce the problems of handling, cleaning, certification and waste of cleaning components used for cleaning machine oil and greasy preservatives.With bag and film products in VCI packaging, you do not have to disassemble, clean and reassemble the instrument before use, or this requirement is minimized. Production equipment and machine tools can be maintained in very convenient locations so that they are ready for use as soon as possible.
You can supply it as film, shrink, bag, sachet or single layer roll according to your usage.
  • 30 μm – 250 μm thickness.
  • Easy to apply.
  • It is environmentally friendly.
  • VCI molecules reach even the smallest gaps on the surface.
  • It does not require the use of preservatives.
  • Effective up to 30 cm distance
  • Single or roll bag. Sheet sizes with tear points or cut in rolls
  • Colorless or custom color
  • Durable and long lasting
  • It can be recycled as it does not contain nitrites.
  • Puncture and temperature resistant
Different designs and thicknesses are available
  • FE based Metals and Nonmetals such as iron, steel, brass, copper, aluminum
  • Can use as a full wrap, contact protection or liner
  • For the transport of electrical and electronic parts
  • Assembled or internal parts that cannot be electrostatically charged by stacking
  • Organized or Heavy Industry
  • Storage
  • In Transit, Container, Air, Land, Sea or Rail product transportation
  • It is used in many industrial areas such as Furniture, Textile, Electric, Electronic, Pharmaceutical, Metal.
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