Universal Industrial VCI Spray

Universal Industrial VCI Spray

Universal Industrial VCI Spray

Universal Industrial VCI Spray


Provides industrial packaging solutions since 2013.

We do not see problems or errors as sources of conflict. We are solution oriented. We work and produce with team spirit for you.
We are a big family.
We design a special product for you. Our positive work combined with positive thinking results in success. Positive behaviors produce positive results.
We design a special product for you. We do not see problems or errors as sources of conflict. Because we are solution oriented. We work and produce for you with team spirit to reach the right result. Our positive work combined with positive thinking results in success. Positive behaviors produce positive results.

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Products and Solutions
We know your needs very well. We have a product range that will take all necessary safety measures until your products are delivered.

Professional Staff 

We closely follow all kinds of developments and technology related to our business. We develop packaging products suitable for today to protect your products.

Reliable In The Industry

To stay in the industry, we always have to gain trust. We trust our products and experience. Because “Customer satisfaction is our basic principle”.

International Certifieds

All of our products comply with international standards and are certified. ISO 9001:2015 – ISO 45001 – ISO 14001- ISO 10002. Compatible with MIL and NATO stock codes.

VISION : Universal Industrial VCI Spray

To offer affordable, quality products to our customers in the fastest way, thanks to our experience and our expert staff.

MISSION : Universal Industrial VCI Spray

We are aware of the fact that we are in the global commercial arena, where borders disappear and competition comes to the fore. As Universal Industrial Packaging, it has adopted the principle of providing better quality and better service for “Customer Satisfaction”.

QUALITY POLICY : Universal Industrial VCI Spray

To present customer demands on time and as desired To serve our customers in the fastest and most economical way To keep customer satisfaction at the highest level.

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Life is made of little things, if you love them, they become big. We knead our work with Love and Love and present it to you, our solution partners.

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Please use the contact form below to get information about our products and services. We try to answer all questions and comments as soon as possible. Our company, which started its operations in 2013 with the principle of “Customer Satisfaction is the Foundation of Our Existence”, has years of knowledge, knowledge and experience in industrial packaging. “We offer the most suitable and best solutions for the needs of our valued customers, by following new developments and improving our products with its professional staff who have not lost their amateur spirit.”

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Universal Industrial VCI Spray

Universal Industrial VCI Spray

VCI Spray
They are made to protect hard-to-reach surfaces. It forms a layer of high-performance corrosion protective film.The protective film has a self-regenerating and moisture-removing effect. Therefore, it provides effective protection against harsh environmental conditions.It is perfect for protecting parts and equipment for transportation or storage. A wide range of metals, including steel, iron, copper and aluminum alloys it can protect.
VCI Spray Types :
Universal VCI Circuit Protective Spray
  • It prevents rusting and abrasion.
  • It creates a flexible and waterproof film layer on electrical surfaces. The thin molecular film it contains adheres tightly to all wet and dry surfaces.
  • Eliminates the need for disassembly by reaching inaccessible points.
  • The thin film formed protects the surfaces from chemical effects such as salt water, air, etc.
  • After the application, electrical and electronic devices do not short-circuit even in water.
Mold Release Lubricant Spray
  • It is a lubricating substance that allows the separation of plastic, cardboard and metal sheets.
  • It is used in parts of machines that can be lubricated less, especially in plastic bearings.
Corrosion and Rust Preventive Spray
  • Made for all metals.
  • It provides up to 24 months protection against corrosion in the open air.
  • It penetrates into the material, repairs itself and forms a film layer by replacing moisture.
  • It is resistant to sagging, flowing and elongation.
  • It is easily cleaned from the surface during operation.
Rust Remover and Multi-Purpose Lubricant Spray
  • Thanks to its infiltration feature, it penetrates into rust and corrosion extremely quickly.
  • It does not contain solvent and is used for removing, cleaning and lubricating stuck metals.
  • It dissolves rusted studs, pipes, bolts, nuts, joints, shafts, locks.
  • It prevents squeaks. It minimizes friction and wear.
  • Lubricates bolts, hinges, slots, chains and door locks.
  • It provides easy movement of jammed parts.
  • It prevents corrosion on metal surfaces, electrical connections, cable ends, relays, sockets and joints.
  • It adheres very well to metal surfaces.
  • The thin protective film layer prevents moisture build-up even on the smallest surfaces.
  • Provides protection against rust and corrosion.
  • It does not contain resin, acid and silicone.
  • It does not harm the paint, rubber and plastic surfaces.
  • It does not contain sulfur compounds and heavy metals harmful to human health.
  • Do not contain propellants, CFCs, or HCFCs that affect the atmosphere, ozone layer, or environment.
  • Formulated with ingredients rated for their biodegradability and non-polluting characteristics, minimizing waste disposal.
  • With its easy-to-apply, renewable and safe formulation with VCI technology, VCI molecules fill all the gaps.
  • It tends to have cleaning properties, which makes it very useful for the daily maintenance of electrical equipment and power boxes.
  • Effective in polluted and humid atmosphere
  • Not harmful to humans and is environment-friendly
  • Compatible with rubber, gaskets, oil seals, hoses etc. and most of the paints
  • Does not require removal when starting operation of engines, machines etc.
  • Provides continuous protection during machinery operation, standby or shutdown periods
  • VCI spray has high thermal stability and performs even under high relative humidity
  • Mono-ionic VCI layer does not affect electrical, optical, mechanical surface properties
  •  VCI Spray protect metals from vapor actions.
Application Areas
  • All industries, factories and industrial enterprises
  • Food
  • Textile
  • Information Technology
  • Electrical Electronics industry
  • Pharmaceutical, medical and chemical industry
  • Metal industry
  • Automotive and automotive sub-industry
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  • Rust Remover, anti-rust, anti-corrosion, lubricant,
  • Mold release, multi-purpose lubricant
  • Circuit Protector,
  • Multi-purpose protective spray